Understanding cells in their morphological context is critical to being able to understand their function. Perform high-throughput analysis of all mRNAs in an intact tissue section, with a single experiment.

We are pleased to announce that we are now part of 10x Genomics.


Spatial Transcriptomics is proud to now be part of 10x Genomics!

We want to thank all of the customers and scientists who have helped create a new generation of spatially-resolved transcriptomics. We look forward to advancing our state-of-the-art technology and creating new product applications with 10x Genomics.

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Accelerating Biology–New Product Innovations from 10x Genomics

Join Nature Publishing and 10x Genomics for a webinar on Thursday, December 13 at 9am PT


ST Technology Workshops

During 2018 we offer workshops in different locations all over the world.


See a visualisation of how much data you can retrieve from just a single tissue sample.


Tissue Optimisation

Adapt the ST protocol to your specific fresh frozen tissue type

Library Preparation

Prepare Spatial RNA-seq libraries from intact tissue sections.


Spatial RNA-seq libraries can be sequenced using your existing Illumina platforms.

Data Processing & Analysis

Data is intuitively processed and analysed with tailored bioinformatics tools.

“We anticipate that improvements in data generation and analysis will bring spatial transcriptomics into wider practice and will be transformative for biology.”

Methods to Watch 2018 – Nature Methods
The beauty of this is that these are unbiased methods and the inferences are quantitative and invaluable.
Sara Teichmann – EMBL-EBI and Head of Cellular Genetics at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
In particular, spatial analysis of tissue sections is a cornerstone of pathology in the clinical practice.
Aviv Regev – Broad Institute


What is the advantage of adding spatial resolution to RNA-Seq experiments?

Ever tried navigating through an unknown city without a map? This is what traditional RNA-Seq in tissues can look like today. For the first time Spatial Transcriptomics provides a map by combining histology and analysis of all mRNAs in an innovative way.

Do I need to invest in new equipment to perform Spatial Transcriptomics?

No, we have found that laboratories have all the major infrastructure required for Spatial Transcriptomics in place. For a comprehensive list of instruments and reagents needed for the protocol see RESOURCES.

What is the current resolution of your Library Preparation glass slides?

Our glass slides contain 1007 spots with a diameter of 100 μm and a center to center distance 200 μm. This gives a comprehensive overview of a tissue’s architecture while maintaining high sample throughput and limited sequencing costs.


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